Our Team

Our Team

Sílvia Planella Oriol

I am a technical industrial engineer and technical architect. From Enginy Consultants (ENGINY CONSULTORIA) I am fully devoted to helping companies, public or private organizations develop their projects, improve management and competitiveness, and overcome challenges, facing an incresingly challenging global economy. www.enginyconsultoria.com

I am a mother to two boys and a girl; this proving to be my lifelong's most comprehensive goal. I thrive in the company of children and have brought to term many workshops for children related to architecture and engineering, during the course of which I have learnt how discovering one's own innate abilities has little to do with whether you are a boy or a girl, but a matter of one's own interest. 

I was driven into ENGINY-era project because, unfortunately in today's world, gender - among other sociocultural factors and stereotypes- render women into a background position both in the academic and professional world. 

For me, it's all about delivering science, technology, engineering and mathematics for children and teenagers alike and empowering girls to have the capacity and freedom to choose these areas for their academic portfolio. 

I am a founding member of ENGINY-era, as well as co-manager. 

Andrea González Puig

I am a company owner, teacher and philologist. From the company AULA ESPAI D'ESTUDIS, together with the entire team, I manage (didactic) training in various areas and for all audiences. 

I am a mother to two girls and a boy, beautiful souls for whom fighting for a bettee world is extremely worthwhile. 

Throughout my phase as monitor and high school teacher, and now from a training and managerial perspective, I have delved deeper in the knowledge of multiple intelligences, (their onset) and development while realizing how gender do not condition abilities or capabilities of any child. Instead, it is the surroundings the main factor channeling pupils and students alike in the choice of their future career. 

Thus, I believe ENGINY-era to be a very interesting project, in that it can help people detect their potentialities by themselves and find happiness studying what they truly enjoy. 

If girls with scientific and technological proclivities and abilities happen to become interested in STEM areas of study, then this project will have served its goal. 

In ENGINY-era I work as a co-manager.

Team of workshop teachers

This team includes professionals with experience in the STEM fields, valuing their knowledge and value regardless of their gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion or any other identification.

ENGINY-era guarantees a female presence of at least 50% in its team, paying special attention to those areas where women are currently a minority, such as engineering and technology, so that children also have female references and demonstrate to them that there are no capacity limits by gender.