Aims and Targets

Aims and Targets

ENGINY-era is a social project aiming to bring STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) closer to all children through the realization and dissemination of workshops, activities and projects with the willingness to break up with gender stereotypes or any other form of discrimination and get equity within the job market, equal opportunities and that everyone is free to choose their own professional career.

On the other hand, it pretends to split away from past errors where many brilliant women have had to remain in the background of History. Now is the time for girls and teenagers alike to rediscover and hold on to those female role-models and break apart from existing stereotypes, thus drastically changing their likely career trajectories. 

And why the name? Well, it's a play on words and a description of our aim. On the one hand, because we demand a new era without discrimination: the era of ENGINY (ingeniousness) which refers to the ability of a person, man or woman, to imagine or create useful things by combining the knowledge and technical means available with intelligence and skill. The best way to create ENGINY is the integration of all the above four areas and gender equality..

And on the other hand, because with the word ENGINYERA (female engineer) we give prominence to women, thereby claiming existing inequalities of opportunity.

We hope to put our grain of sand for a new era of ingenuity without discrimination.